May 2022

Fare and Just is OPEN regular business hours of 12 - 7 pm Thursday - Sunday. Pete is unable to access any of his social media accounts and he cannot access any messages sent to him by Facebook Messenger (due to a hacking). It is unknow when this issue will be fully resolved.

Please call the restaurant at 508-896-8804 if you would like to connect with Pete. He checks his messages daily. Or you can also email him through his website
Thank you for all your support! Pete loves bringing you fresh, delicious, healthy and kind food.
Pete’s wife, Kara Kennedy Duff


We strive to provide an interesting, varied menu as a vehicle to meet your plant-based dietary needs - whether vegan, gluten-free, or peanut-free.
Ask about our house-made smoothies.


Fresh, Carefully Constructed 

Cuisine for Everyone

Minimally prepared 100% plant-based vegan food made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, using seasonal items and local purveyors when possible...dedicated gluten-free & peanut-free - a unique take-out cafe.

Peter Duff & Fare & Just Logo

“We ate like kings and queens - quinoa lettuce cups with avocado cream, melon, cucumber, and tomato salad over mixed greens and a grapefruit mint vinaigrette, homemade “noochie,” mac with garlic broccoli, and carrot cake for dessert!”